My name is Robert Quintana, and I thank you for your consideration as a recruit for your golf team. I am 15 years old and currently a sophomore at Allen High School in Texas.

I have always been very active around sports. I played several sports including soccer, baseball and tennis. I had a lot of fun playing those sports, but the sport that really intrigued me was golf.

I picked up my first club at the age of 3, and started to play a lot by the age of 4. Ever since, I have always considered the golf course my second home. If I could not get to the golf course I would always find a way to get some swings in, chip around my backyard and putt anywhere to get some practice. I would do anything to go out play golf.

As I have grown older, my work ethic has increased. Instead of a couple hours of practice I have grown accustomed to practice/play for 6 to 10 hours. Another thing I have started doing is workouts as part of my practice schedule since I believe it will help me as part of my golf schedule.

School is another important part of my goals. I know that school will help me succeed, so I have made a commitment to school and golf. I am on the Allen High School Varsity team and since my arrival in high school we have won one tournament. Outside of high school golf, I play on many different tours such as the TJGT, Legends Junior Tour, and occasionally the NTPGA. Through all my years playing golf, I have learned a lot of qualities that I obtained via this sport. Honesty, courage, commitment and giving back are all qualities that I have learned via golf. I am very involved in my church helping out and volunteering on community related activities. I have also helped a couple of golf courses during tournaments by helping organize activities.

I am a hard worker and very committed to achieve my goal of becoming a great golfer and a great role model. I have been through the tears and sweat to hopefully reach my goal some day. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my biography, and hopefully I am a candidate to become part of your golf family.

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